:the run around:


This week we are starting back into our homeschooling schedule along with the schooled kids.

For me, that means coordinating driving, meals, playtime, and planning new things for us to do. Whoever called this homeschooling needs his head examined.

We are never home.

The good thing, at my kids’ ages, is I end up doing a lot of waiting around. So I am using that time to plan my own autodidactic learning.

As I have watched my kids learn in unconventional ways, I am fascinated by the possibilities open to anyone who just puts in the effort. That’s not to say it’s easy. Jobs, spouses, kids, friends, community all vie for our attention daily. I know I get to the end of some days and I feel like I haven’t stopped to breathe, let alone tried to do something for myself.

So, I am grateful for times like today when I could sit and sip a coffee and start the reading journal I kept meaning to begin.

I’m also looking for some good recommendations. Do you have any?