:coming soon: spring of 2020:

Today, the air has the bite of fall. 

I am sure, so early in the season, we will still get a few more hot, sunny Cali days, but fall is here. The grapes have been picked in the vineyard. The leaves on the vines and the lilacs are starting to turn varying shades of gold and red. My son has managed to eat two pear trees worth of harvest almost entirely by himself. We discovered the “weird” apple tree is actually a Shin Li asian pear (the juice just drips off your chin as you eat!) The kids have begun a new school year. 

So much is going on around here. 

Which is why it made perfect sense to sign myself up for even more. 

Come the new year, I will be starting my Master’s of Library and Information Science. 

Oh, boy.

This is a decision I have hemmed and hawed over since college. It has never been the right time. Family have shot it down. I was newly married. I just had a baby. I just had a second baby. I just started a business. We moved around too much. So many different reasons and excuses for not doing it. 

And then two months ago I sent my application in and got accepted. 

I still half can’t believe it. I am both super excited and terrified. It has been twenty years since I was in any kind of formal schooling: grades, assignments, readings, research papers, exams. AH!!!

This just feels right. In a way none of my former paths have. It’s not just a love of books. It’s a love of knowledge. It’s a love of helping people. It’s a love of the freedom books can give. 

So I am going to take this fall to really enjoy myself: read, knit, spin, write, finish all those projects around the house I’ve been saying I’ll get to. I know I’m not going to have a lot of time to do so once school starts. 

I. Can’t. Wait.