:the run around:


This week we are starting back into our homeschooling schedule along with the schooled kids.

For me, that means coordinating driving, meals, playtime, and planning new things for us to do. Whoever called this homeschooling needs his head examined.

We are never home.

The good thing, at my kids’ ages, is I end up doing a lot of waiting around. So I am using that time to plan my own autodidactic learning.

As I have watched my kids learn in unconventional ways, I am fascinated by the possibilities open to anyone who just puts in the effort. That’s not to say it’s easy. Jobs, spouses, kids, friends, community all vie for our attention daily. I know I get to the end of some days and I feel like I haven’t stopped to breathe, let alone tried to do something for myself.

So, I am grateful for times like today when I could sit and sip a coffee and start the reading journal I kept meaning to begin.

I’m also looking for some good recommendations. Do you have any?

:my word for the year:

This word basically embodies 2018 for me.

I want to create a book (or two).

I want to create art.

I want to create reality from my dreams.

I want to create connections, both in real life and on-line.

I want to create something from this blog.

I want to create.

One thing I have wanted to focus on is this blog. Right now that focus is just to blog every weekday. It does not matter to me if it is just a photograph, a list of what happened to me, or a long rambling entry. This blog has been in existence for years, and my fear of failure has muzzled my use of it.

This year, all bets are off. I just want to write and share. Make it my job. I have no idea, in this age of Insta-blogs, if it will go anywhere.

Of course I care if people read it or get something out of what I share, but that is not the point. The point is not perfection. The point is not likes or comments. The point is to do it.

I want to create.

And I want to share it.


Being home is the absolute best feeling in the world. As much as I love going “home” to Florida and seeing my family, I always love coming home.

Winter, for me is in rainy, wet NorCal.

It is quiet days with the wood stove lit.

Reading books.


Paying oodles of attention to my dog, Cassie, as she is a total diva when it comes to getting wet.

It is doing puzzles as a family.

Its is watching marathons of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter movies.

I love being home.

I am still recovering from jet lag and the little wrist injury I got while on vacation has me in a wrist brace. It has made unpacking, laundry, and the other 5,476,829 tasks I needed to do this weekend very fun (italics denote sarcasm.)

I am also in the midst of setting my goals and putting together my planners (yes, that is plural) for 2018. I know many people want to do this before the beginning of the year, but I love leaving it for after the holidays, when I have no other obligations pulling my attention away.

So, that’s it. I’ll leave you now so I can light a candle, listen to the rain on the leaves of the forest, and finish my vision board.


I’m probably in the air, somewhere over the Midwest right now.

I cannot wait to see my dog and my home and my bed!

So I’ll leave you with one of the colorful locals we met in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

This, is Bane.


:gentle giants:

Today is our last day in Florida.

I spent half my childhood here, and call it home more than any other place I have lived. Both our families are now here, as my MIL moved here almost two years ago. It makes for seeing family easy, as we no longer need to pick between Doug’s and mine.

Our last day here has been spent mostly on the road, but we got a great unexpected treat today. We got to see the manatee who take shelter from the cold weather in the canals around my sister’s house.

I’m too tired to write a lengthy post, so I will leave you with a photo of these gentle giants.

:just a little retro:

I have always loved film.


My husband gave me a Nikon FM10 one year for my birthday, and I have a crate full of real photographs from our honeymoon, the kid’s births, their first years.

I finally put that camera down when I my current iPhone, but I feel it’s time to bring it back.

My son also has a love of photography, so we got him a Lomo’Instant camera, and he is excited to experiment with it. There is definitely a learning curve. He is used to using a digital camera, but there is so much fun stuff which can be done with film.

Film is not dead!

In fact he has been having so much fun playing with his that I got myself a Fuji Instax Mini 9 (mine’s blue!) while on our cruise over the holidays. It took that sweet little shot above from the balcony of our stateroom. The Instax film is much smaller than traditional Polaroid film, about the size of a credit card.

I’m looking forward to using it for journaling and documenting the kids’ homeschooling year.

Now I need to get some 35mm film for my Nikon too.