:a dragon and a headache:

I want to tell you all about our bountiful chestnut harvest, our plans for the barn, and the twenty-four hour blackout we enjoyed, but I have a massive headache.

Sorry, kids.

So, instead I’ll leave you with photos we took of the Space X Dragon 9 launch taken from the back of the house. If it wasn’t for that blackout, we would have missed it.

Sometimes the Universe sends you blessings in disguise.

:car days:

Theses days are a necessary evil. Homeschooling means shepherding the kids to classes and activities in town. It also means sitting in traffic in the Bay Area.

Usually it’s not so bad, since we drive try to avoid rush hour, but on days like this….On days like this I just want to be on my mountain.

The heat in the valley is a muggy eighty degrees. The high temperature up at the homestead is sixty-four and has that bite of fall I love so much. It’s also humid, but it’s the kind of humidity that makes me want to pull on thick socks and wrap a hand-knit shawl around my shoulders, tea in hand and kitten in my lap.

Sitting stopped on I-85 really makes me appreciate the quiet of the vineyard, the crowing of Helios and Turkey (our roosters) in the early morning, even our only partially paved road.

:pink dawn:

Dawn staining the horizon pink.

This is the view from the side porch. The vines are Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. I can’t wait for the mornings to warm up enough to have our coffee out here. This morning is a chilly 47 degree Fahrenheit. Brrrr! I’ll have my coffee inside, snuggled up to my Cassie-girl instead.

Have a great morning, everyone!


I’m probably in the air, somewhere over the Midwest right now.

I cannot wait to see my dog and my home and my bed!

So I’ll leave you with one of the colorful locals we met in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

This, is Bane.