Fall mornings

(photo credit: King Conn)

(photo credit: King Conn)

:: Walking to the farmer’s maket on a crisp Saturday morning with the sun gently warming our faces.

:: Chrysanthemums, I believe, in every shade of the season.

:: Finding “fossils” in the sidewalk.

:: Scoring gluten-free angel food cake for the walk home.

Calling all techies:

So, it would be really, really helpful if one of you could figure out a way to make a sarcasm font. You know, something that would allow me to liberate my inner snarker, but when you moused over the word or phrase a pop-up window would show what I really meant…’cause if I have to explain it, it isn’t really sarcasm.

It would also keep me from guessing as to whether what someone else said was sarcastic or said in all seriousness, thus allowing me to avoid my regular episodes of foot-in-mouthitis….or avoid the whole situation altogether (Can’t wait for the political rant posting season to be over.)

Mmkay, thanks.

Quick answer to the “Why?” question

At the Sertoma Butterfly Pavilion in Sioux Falls. A place of refuge on many winter days.

This is a response to everyone who wants to know why we are moving.

The last couple of months have been crazy. For a while we have known that we wanted needed to be closer to family, we thought that would be in Florida where I have lived over half my life. My husband started applying to companies in the Orlando area where my sister lives, but we knew it would be a longshot in his industry. Then we got word of some medical complications at my in-laws. Unfortunately they are in New York and getting to see them has not been easy in the last couple of years. So we waited by the phone, D calling when he could, getting word through his sisters on Facebook. Finally, we got word that D’s brother was home after complications. We realized this could happen again at any time. We needed to go see him and it needed to happen now.

Then D got  a call from a company in Philadelphia. Would we be  interested in moving there?

The Northeast is not somewhere we ever thought we would find ourselves: too cold, too grey, too crowded. However after a long, cold ass short, not-so-cold-by-local-standards winter we figured if we were going to be cold, we should at least be cold near family.

The scramble to pack and purge began, and so here I sit, surrounded by boxes, furniture paired down to bookcases, two armchairs, and our master bedroom furniture, all the other stuff has been donated or junked. Every time I have picked something up to put it in a box, I have asked myself if I really wanted loved it, if the answer was “no” or “maybe,” it never made it into the box. Even so, we have way too much stuff.

Well, I am supper tired and a hard cider is calling my name from the fridge. Tomorrow is our last day in Sioux Falls, and then it’s on to Philly!

See you from the road.


Home or here we go again.

In the past ten years we have moved six times in three states and six different cities. Each move has been for a good reason. Each move has been necessary. You could say I have become an expert mover, and the thought of packing up an entire household and carting it across town, or even across the country, doesn’t even phase me.

So. Here we are again. Moving.

I’ve known this was coming for some time now and I also knew we needed to get this to happen over the summer while the kids were out of school.

Oh, where are we going? Philadelphia!

Can I just say how excited I am for this! You see from age three to age eleven (minus one year in Mexico, but we shall not speak of that) I lived in Philly, so this is like going home.

Today was the first day I started telling people, so I wanted to do this short post to let everyone know.

The Liberty Bell, cobblestone streets, a subway system that works, family less than three hours away, the Franklin Institute, camping in the Cascades, the Jersey shore…um, well maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. D and I are both excited. We’ve decided to make this move very simple, so all the furniture will be staying behind and that means all I really need to pack is the kitchen, the clothes and books….lots and lots of books.

So, now you know if you start seeing some crazy posts on Facebook and Twitter of our looooong road trip.

Go ahead and call us crazy in the comments. I know you want to.