Day one is proving to be not what I wanted. Today I was all set to start my day by blogging. Alas…

Well, I am doing this just for me. This blog gathers dust and the guilt of it eats at me. I have half a mind to just micro-blog on Instagram once my year of self-imposed social media exile ends.

But something in me just loves blogs.

I love reading them, and I love finding new ones.

I’ve heard the blog is dead. They also say books are dead.

I have a hard time believing either statement.

Maybe I’m just in denial.

2 thoughts on “:1/30:”

  1. Keep up the denial. 😀 I find myself in a similar situation. I want to write, but lack of time and energy to do it kind of get in the way. I’m trying to learn to accept the way things are and enjoy the positives of being able to write when I can. Write for yourself and the rest will sort itself out…

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