:my word for the year:

This word basically embodies 2018 for me.

I want to create a book (or two).

I want to create art.

I want to create reality from my dreams.

I want to create connections, both in real life and on-line.

I want to create something from this blog.

I want to create.

One thing I have wanted to focus on is this blog. Right now that focus is just to blog every weekday. It does not matter to me if it is just a photograph, a list of what happened to me, or a long rambling entry. This blog has been in existence for years, and my fear of failure has muzzled my use of it.

This year, all bets are off. I just want to write and share. Make it my job. I have no idea, in this age of Insta-blogs, if it will go anywhere.

Of course I care if people read it or get something out of what I share, but that is not the point. The point is not perfection. The point is not likes or comments. The point is to do it.

I want to create.

And I want to share it.

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