:happy new year and going social media free:

If you saw me on Instagram last month, I announced my decision to leave social media for this year. I had already done this permanently for Facebook, but this time I mean Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

This time my reasons are not the same as my Facebook decision. In fact, I they are the opposite. I loooooooove Instagram and Pinterest. So much so, I lose hours a day “just checking” my accounts. I won’t mean to do so, but when I pull myself out of the pretty-induced IG void, I find my to do list has become a little pile of smoldering ashes.

So this year I am unplugging from the electronic temptations for a year to see if I really can do more.

Last night I posted one last goodbye post, and then I deleted the apps from my iPad and my iPhone before I went to bed.

Twenty seventeen proved to be a year of growth for me.

I want even more of that in the coming year.

The only social media I am keeping is YouTube, and that is because I learn a ton of stuff on there (and I watch it while doing the dishes!)

So, here is to a more creative/active/present/kick ass year!

I will be on here a lot more, and in the coming days I will be sharing some of my plans for all this free time I now have.

Are you doing or not doing anything special for 2018?

3 thoughts on “:happy new year and going social media free:”

  1. Happy New Uear, Pili! I am so impressed with your decision to completely unplug from social media. Deleting the apps as a final act must have felt liberating. I quit Twitter long ago, but use FB to share with family/IRL friends and IG to interact a little more publicly relating to projects/crafts. I wish I could track all of my quick little check-ins… I’m sure they add up!

    My broader goal for the year is to make more for myself. One specific project I’ve started is a 365-day embroidery practice.

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