Since the current theme for this blog seems to revolve around writing, let’s talk a little about fears.

Every writer (and plenty I don’t) have fears about writing: failing, starting, succeeding, repeating, sharing. You name it and I bet we have all felt it.

My personal demon comes in the form of starting the actual writing. I make notes. I outline. I world build. I create teams of characters sketches. When it finally comes time to write, I sit and stare at the page. Sometimes I’ll even make it a few thousands words into the first draft before the Imp starts up.

“This is dumb. No one’s going to want to read this.”

“Who do you think you are? Your not (funny, clever, good enough) to write.”

“Just quit now”

Yeah, all the good stuff. He’s so not cool.

One of the biggest tasks I have ahead of me for NaNoWriMo come November 1st is to tell the Imp to take a hike.

I am equal parts excited and terrified at what’s to come.