Hey there…


When I was last here I was going through a lot. A. Lot.

Still am, but I finally feel ready to start writing again. What I am going to use this space for is up in the air. I feel like I should have a reason for being here. I just can’t seem to nail that reason down. That and design and lack of photographs and stress and…and…and…

You get the picture.

Ninety percent of accomplishment is the act of DOING.


I We have moved clear across the country, from sunny, humid, hot Florida to sunny, dry, cooler California. NorCal to be specific. This moved actually happened eleven months ago (I’ve been away from the blog way too long!)

We added one more move while here. This move has also encompassed my twentieth move, and our family’s tenth.

To say that D and I suffer from a bit of wanderlust would be an understatement.

So, the limbo I have been in has been one filled with changes in locations, just being a family of four again (I’ll get into that another time), started homeschooling with the kids (always wanted to do this), ending my career as a CrossFit coach, making new friends, missing my family, and trying to figure out who I “am”…again.

This year I also told myself I needed to get back into this blog or just let it go.


Here I am.

2 thoughts on “Hey there…”

    1. I’ve come to realize that the old saying, “The only constant is change.” Is 100% correct. Accepting that has helped me let go of the guilt of changing so many times. Sure, there are those who find what they want and know from an early age, but I don’t think that is right for all of us. Here’s to the power of the journey, my friend!


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