Home or here we go again.

In the past ten years we have moved six times in three states and six different cities. Each move has been for a good reason. Each move has been necessary. You could say I have become an expert mover, and the thought of packing up an entire household and carting it across town, or even across the country, doesn’t even phase me.

So. Here we are again. Moving.

I’ve known this was coming for some time now and I also knew we needed to get this to happen over the summer while the kids were out of school.

Oh, where are we going? Philadelphia!

Can I just say how excited I am for this! You see from age three to age eleven (minus one year in Mexico, but we shall not speak of that) I lived in Philly, so this is like going home.

Today was the first day I started telling people, so I wanted to do this short post to let everyone know.

The Liberty Bell, cobblestone streets, a subway system that works, family less than three hours away, the Franklin Institute, camping in the Cascades, the Jersey shore…um, well maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. D and I are both excited. We’ve decided to make this move very simple, so all the furniture will be staying behind and that means all I really need to pack is the kitchen, the clothes and books….lots and lots of books.

So, now you know if you start seeing some crazy posts on Facebook and Twitter of our looooong road trip.

Go ahead and call us crazy in the comments. I know you want to.

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