Nemesis and Savior

For me? That would be F-O-O-D.

I have a deep and abiding emotional, co-dependent, love/hate relationship with food.

As a trainer I understand that food is the foundation of our physical begin. It is both fuel and mortar for our bodies. Eighty percent of your health is dictated by what you put into your mouth. Eat with the intention of fueling performance and you will create a the body you want. You put in crap, and, yeah, that’s exactly what you get.

For me, and I know for many others, food goes much deeper than that. Food is comfort and escape and feeling good for just a little while. Food is an expression of love in what we cook for our families. Food is joy.

Food is not meant to be any of that.

I know that, as a trainer and a mother and an athlete. This is a struggle that I want to be rid of! I know what it is like to feed my body to achieve a goal. I am ready for that again. I am ready to create the life I want, the body I want, the dreams I desire.

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